About Chabad House Barcelona

About Chabad House Barcelona Spain

Chabad Barcelona was estabilshed 20 years ago in 1999,5759 by Rabbi Dovid Menachem Mendel and Nechama Dina Libersohn emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe .
Over the years, activity was established around the clock:
Every day there is a minyan for Shacharit, the activity of the Chabad House is engaged in providing many ages and in all areas, evening classes for men, monthly lessons for women ,preparetion for a bar and Bat mitzvah, and weekly activities for Jewish children from all over the city.
During the course of the year an event is organized for every holiday that invites all the Jews of Barcelona to attend, each holiday is trying to treat all types of audiences, men, women and children.

In Chanukah, public chanuka lighting are held in two central locations in the city, a women's event, lighting Chanukah and distributing donuts all over the city.After the holiday, the children of the community have a special winter camp in the Alps, to a Jewish experience in snow, the only one of the year.
Every Saturday, Shabbat dinners are held for the community and the many travellers, each shabat is a special atmosphere when it is aware that there are hundreds of Jews at all ends of the world to celebrate the Sabbath.
For pesach, Chabad house organize a sefer for 800 participants, a party for the celebration of a public seder together.
Chabad House is trying to serve as a warm home for every Jew and a home and address for every matter for everyone.

Chabad shluchim

Rabbi Dovid Menachem Mendel Libersohn

Chabad Shliach

Mrs. Nechama Dina Libersohn

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