The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter Called Call, from the Word Public in Hebrew-Kahal
Even in the hard time, the place contained 4,000 Jewish habitants, in those streets you can see the place where in the past was the heart of the religion, the slaughterhouse, the school of women. More within the neighborhood you can visit the museum of the old synagogue at the address: Marlet 5
At the exit of the museum you can see engraved in Hebrew on the wall as an honor to Rabi Shmuel Hasfaradi. Going back to the beginning of the neighborhood you will see 2 mikvaot that were hidden there.
In the center of the Neighborhood in the Chabad House you can find a strong experience of a video recording in 3d with an explanation about the history of the Jewish Quarter .The adress: Calle Sant Honorat nº 9

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