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Do you want to plan your tour? To meet more travelers? Get more detailed tutorial? Looking for a unique Judaica item for Spain? Get a hot coffee? A quiet corner to seet ? Guests can enjoy a free coffee/coffee bar and cake with free Viennese at the center You can get detailed guidance for a perfect trip to Barcelona: information on recommended sites, shopping areas, transportation, restaurants and kosher shops located in the heart of the Jewish quarter.
At Chabad House you can enjoy a special attraction in the three-dimensional Jewish quarter, the tour is sweeping through the streets of the quarter to the past, showing and teaching the history of the quarter, come and enjoy a special, enjoyable and teaching adventure.
In addition you will find a kosher corner with basic products plus a selection of fine Spanish wines. Later in the area you will find unique Judaica details.

Opening Hours
Monday-Thursday: 10:00-20:00
Friday and Sunday: 10:00-14:00

Do you want to plan your trip? Meet more travelers? You are invited to enjoy Café Chabad - Coffee and cake bar, free wiffi in the center of chabad

Carrer de Sant Honorat, 9 - 08002 Barcelona