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Traveler information

Time in Barcelona 21:15
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Time in Barcelona 21:15
Coin Euro Member Countries €
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Tourist guides

Yan Pekar -A Jewish tour guide specialising in private Jewish heritage and secular sightseeing tours in Barcelona and Girona.

Speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian.
Bonus: professional photos of your family created free of charge during your tour.
WhatsApp: +34 635 296 600

Dominique Tomasov Blinder,
architect dedicated exclusively to Jewish heritage, research, protection, teaching, conferences and consulting.
Given their commitment to local Jewish life, their programs combine history, topicality and opinion.
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan
Urban Cultours project

Adi mahler – born in Denmark, brought up in Israel ,graduate of history and geography from tel Aviv university, has been living in Barcelona since 2009 and have been doing Jewish tours for 12 years

⁦+34 633 40 01 42⁩

There are city buses
A subway called Metro
Light Rail called Tranvia

Taxi Radio-922250000

Mercedes-933070707 Ceremonies

You can download the application of Cabify for taxis

Getting around from the airport to the city centre

The easy way is to take a taxi car, taxi to the Ramblas area is a cost of 35 euros
Another option-there’s a shuttle to the airport “Aerobas”
That reaches up to Catalunya Square it has a cost of 6 euros, goes out of Terminal 1

Internet & SIM – there is a Vodafone store in the airport that sells 5G sim in 10 euros, there are various branches in the city as well

Tax Free- How it works: Every store you buy asks for a FREE TAX form.
The form will be registered with the name of the company that should return your money: Global Blue, Global Exchange are both major.

There is a priority to do it at the airport:
Approach the machine and register the receipts. Remember that at the end there is no reception, so make sure everything is accepted. After a Passport review you can go to the company’s stand and give only relevant receipts for each company. The stalls are right after the passport check. One after the other.

Emergency numbers:
Fire Firefighter-080
Israeli Embassy-34937079305
Embassy Address: Gran via de carles lll,94

Shabbat in Barcelona

There is no Eruv in the city Barcelona